Why developing coaching skills is essential for authentic leaders

15 Jun 2023
3 min read
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I firmly believe that every manager should develop their coaching skills. This is crucial and beneficial for an authentic leader who listens and cares. Times are changing, and people prioritize their goals, desires, and overall well-being. They want to enjoy life in the present, not just in the future. The best leaders recognize this and engage in open discussions with colleagues about their passions, values, and missions. Sometimes, we forget to look at these aspects.

However, each of us has a personal mission in life – a place where we envision ourselves in 20–30 years or a meaningful goal that holds great importance. Subconsciously, we all follow this mission, as it underlies our choices and influences our behavior.

Our emotions act as indicators, reflecting whether our needs are being fulfilled or not. Emotions play a key role in our behavior, and neglecting them can lead to a cascade of negative emotions. Sometimes, our inner selves try to communicate, saying, 'Hey! You still had 60 km of fuel left in the tank.' But we often fail to listen and encounter problems as a result. We meticulously manage our work and even label it as effectiveness or KPI (Key Performance Indicators) improvement.

At most, HR departments focus on career development and construct career ladders, genuinely believing it motivates employees. We can discuss other activities like engagement initiatives or formally declaring the company's mission and values. However, if we don't genuinely care about people's values, personal missions, or visions of life—if we don't thoroughly research and consider them—we will be following an outdated approach and fall behind in business as well.

Only when people are free, happy, aligned with their mindset and values, listened to, and encouraged can they work wonders for both the business and society.

Every leader has the potential to become a significant influencer and coach who helps others become aware of their own goals, missions, and opportunities within the company. It's about understanding how the company's values and mission resonate with individual values, creating those opportunities, and inspiring teams to work on exciting projects to achieve exceptional results.

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Oleg Lavrynovych
Business Coach