The priceless gift of time: a journey of self-discovery through values

21 Mar 2024
2 min read
A family standing within an hourglass, symbolizing the fleeting nature of time spent with loved ones.

Recently, at a NEXT MBA lecture, the speakers poignantly addressed the most precious commodity we possess: time. Like a relentless hourglass, time relentlessly trickles away, never to be reclaimed. No amount of money can purchase it back or rewind the tape of life.

This notion resonated with the thought-provoking film, "In Time" ( where time, instead of money, served as the currency. Just as in the film, we often trade our time to generate value, exchanging it for money. Yet, with each passing minute, hour, or day, our time dwindles, leaving us with less to live life as we truly desire. It's a finite resource, forever spent.

This realization prompts a profound question: Do we treat this most valuable gift with the care it deserves? Where and how do we invest our time? Are we living the life we genuinely yearn for, or frittering it away on trivialities?

The concept of time, the temporary sojourn we've been granted in this world, takes on a deeper meaning. We are all guests here, passing through, destined to depart at some point. The question then becomes: How and on what will we spend this precious gift?

Those less fortunate from birth cherish the health they lack, cherishing each remaining day on this earth. In contrast, those blessed with seemingly abundant time and health often fail to appreciate their fortune, gambling it away, neglecting their well-being, and squandering their time.

"In Time" serves as a stark reminder, a glimpse into a future where currency has been replaced by time itself, stripped away by corporations deemed obsolete. It's a thought-provoking concept, inviting us to revisit the film years from now, armed with a deeper understanding of the message it conveys.

The film delves into profound depths, urging us to introspect, examine our lives, and recognize our place in the world, the purpose of our temporary existence. This self-awareness inevitably transforms our relationship with this gift – the time we have on earth, its immense value.

As we embark on a journey of self-discovery through values, I'm reminded of JD Pincus's insightful article, "Values as Motives: Implications for theory, methods, and practice," published in Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science. It highlights the correlation between values and emotional needs Values as Motives: Implications for theory, methods, and practice | Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science (

And at the heart of this exploration lies a powerful tool: AgileBrain. This innovative instrument empowers us to uncover our true needs, understand our values, and cherish the priceless gift of time we've been granted.

Why don't we embark on a journey of mindful living, appreciating the fleeting moments that make up our existence, guided by our values, leaving a positive impact on the world around us?

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Oleg Lavrynovych
Business Coach